This is a personal project, I gave the name "Dimensional Mansion" , also with the influence of lovecraft readings and horror stories about multi dimensional beings.

The objetive of the game is to escape this mansion(s), as we see in many horror games, BUT the "dimensional doors" system does the project have a little more complex because each door provides access to three different dimensions (3 rooms on side A and more 3 on side B) a total of 6 rooms for each door. The player will have a hard work to explore the rooms and find out the correct sequence of rooms, going through 3 different "dimensions" to find the exit.

For more information about this and other projects:


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Neat idea.


Thanks, m8! i'll try complete this game :D

says chrome cant run this file look forward to playing it

Maybe you don't have the unity player plugin installed.
If it's not that case, i'll see what i can do! ;D

PS: On safari works fine.

will try different browser :) thank you